Georg Rauscher
Wuerzburger Straße 4
D-93059 Regensburg, Germany

Phone: +49 941 830 47-0
Fax: +49 941 830 47-27

100 years Rauscher tower clocks

Tower clocks From the restoration of old mechanical tower clock movements to a touchscreen controlled master clock - since 100 years we design and produce tower clocks at highest quality levels.

Bells During expanding our production we started specializing in the 1960's in bell automation, bells and bell fittings. Ask us about bells and accessories or about carillon stations.

Public clocks Slave clocks for inside and outside belong since 1920 to our core business. In many schools, hospitals and public authorities our slave clocks show the accurate time. Also several selected public spots got their improvement by a Rauscher clock.

Art work Surround yourself with the extraordinary at home. The perfection of our fascinating craftsmanship you will find in form of our Art works - custom-made precision facade and building clocks that are able to express your personal taste within your own premises. They all have their roots in ancient originals but can be made specific to meet your creativity with regards to the interior or exterior design of your private mansion, hotels or corporate headquaters.

100 years tradition in progress Benefit from our experience. Our family run business stands for four generations of excellence in tower clock building and restoration. We are happy to provide advice also on-site and prepare you a cost free quotation.